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Mother Anita’s® Fine Body Balms & Vibrational Healing Spritzs
Each balm and spritz connects you with nature & yourself, your breath, your beauty. Enjoy our joyful, intentional, loving, Aromatherapy products!
Balance ... Center yourself with this fine body balm rich in lanolin & vitamin E. Therapeutic essential oils of lavender, rose geranium, vetiver and lemongrass do the work.
Comfort... Offer aches, pains, owies, scars, bug bites, burns, sunburns and peeling cracked hands & feet to the Gods of the past...
Essential Rose: receive clarity, purity, universal love
Essential Chamomile: experience more peacefulness, less worry, fear, anger, anxiety
Smokeless Sage® Smudge: clear, center, & reconnect with your intuition
Ancient Beings®: lighten, find your mission, live it – great for meditation Spray gently over your head, breathe deeply, & welcome nature’s gifts.

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Mother Anita's at Hummingbird Therapeutics
Hummingbird Therapeutics and Our Commitment to Nature and You

   At Hummingbird Therapeutics, we believe you should have a chance to experience Nature's Vitality no matter where you are on Mother Earth. Do no harm; honor the plants, and Mother Earth. Re-connect to everything around you with the help of the plant beings. We bring forward the plants we hear asking to come and heal us, look at the objective, researched information available as to the properties of the plants and share them with healers of many cultures for their input on our product formulations to assist in creating a healthier you.
   From studying the aromatherapy market, intuiting and listening to and consulting with knowledgeable aromatherapists we have been able to achieve our mission of providing vibrational healing products for the public and for healing professionals and wholesalers. Here's what we understand which allows us to create Joyful products for a Whole Life.
   The Essential oil, aromatherapy market growth explosion has yielded products which are altered, hurried (chemically) and otherwise reduced from their full healing and vibrational powers. In growing plants, more plants yield more oils which yield more profit. This push to market has encouraged the production of essential oils that are of inferior quality and healing properties.
   Our products use only Vintage Essential Oils and ingredients, many organic or wild crafted; all of the finest quality. Vintage Essential Oils are grown and harvested with care for the plant and its eventual use as therapeutic oil. Many of the best essential oils begin as plants that are grown organically or in the wild. Geographic and regional location and climatic conditions contribute to the plants overall purity, health, vigor and vibration and usefulness as a Vintage Therapeutic Essential oil. Harvesting which treats the plants with respect, maintains freshness followed by distillation which is tempered and paced are another factor in the creation of Vintage Essential oils. Vintage Essential oils, oils that are produced with care and attention to the growth, harvesting and production process, produce the finest therapeutic results. Finding these oils, verifying their quality and testing their ability to demonstrate the properties which would be expected from using them is an important ingredient of Mother Anita's and Hummingbird Therapeutics products.
   When this level of attention is not paid, essential oils and products formulated from essential oils have less of the life force of the plant, the essential aspect of assisting us to shift, and are felt as less potent. This can occur for many reasons including the following factors:
          Introducing chemicals to spur plants growth, as well as natural climatic changes and conditions crop to crop and geographic region of growth affect the oils chemical make-up and thus their potency and vibration. Harvesting techniques can greatly influence the plants chemical constituency and therefore their life force in essential oil form (therapeutic property). Many healing properties can be lost.
    How plants are handled, the freshness they possess when processing begins and the actual method of processing can severely restrict the plants ability to produce the effects predicted and researched. In the processing of the plants themselves, forcing a speedy yield of essential oils often results in increased distillation temperatures or infusion of chemicals which affects the chemical constituents of the essential oils, and thus their therapeutic properties.
    It is from this complex marketplace, that the finest Vintage Essential Oils are sought and obtained for our hand assembled products which carry the Mother Anita's label.
   Thank you for your interest in Mother Anita’s Joyful Products for a Whole Life. Our customers are precious to us. We rely on the good word of others and their satisfaction in our products to spread the word. Like plants setting  roots and spreading, we look to each satisfied customer and professional healer to share your thoughts about us with others.We believe in Grassroots! And we believe together we can support the healing of Mother Earth.
If you have any further questions about our company or your order please contact us at 603-424-2030.or at
Hummingbird Therapeutics
PO Box 730
Merrimack, NH 03054
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